Replacement Bumper Covers

Whether you have been involved in a collision, want an aesthetic upgrade, or have just experienced some wear and tear to your car, adding a new bumper cover can help get your car back in shape. Installing your own bumper cover is a practical and cost-effective way to improve the look, safety, and functionality of your vehicle.

Learn about our front and rear painted bumpers today.

About Our Painted Bumpers

Shopping for a replacement bumper cover is made simple with Paint N Ship. Simply select the year, make, and model of your car, choose the product you need, and get the item sent to your doorstep. Then, install your painted bumper cover according to the instructions to improve the aesthetics and safety of your vehicle.

Our replacement bumpers ship folded, so do not be alarmed when you first open the package. Bumpers are made of thermoplastic material, which means they are re-moldable, re-shapeable, and resistant to impact.

Your folded bumper will come with instructions on how to return it to its original shape. Once you follow these instructions and install the bumper, your vehicle will look as good as new. And if this wasn’t already enough, you can save money because folding the bumper for processing means the shipping won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Speaking of shipping, our painted-to-match bumpers are sent out within 7-15 business days. We do not rush the shipping process because we want to ensure that your part passes our stringent quality control process first. Once the quality assessments are completed, your replacement bumper will ship directly to your doorstep through FedEx.

What Should I Do with My Old Bumper Cover?

There are a few different ways to dispose of your old bumper. Depending on its condition, you can try to sell it or donate it. You could also try contacting the original manufacturer to see if they have a recycling program. Lastly, you might want to check with your local mechanic or auto body shop to see if they can take care of it.

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At Paint N Ship, we have replacement bumpers for most makes and models of vehicles for an easy and cost-efficient way to fix your car.

Start shopping for your painted bumper covers today and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!