We offer painted to match auto parts for your car repair needs. Our painted auto body parts are of the highest quality available and painted to exact OE specifications.  If you were in a fender bender but your car is still drivable then we are the ideal solution for you.  We offer a low cost option to your bodyshop needs.  Our painted replacement car part is painted with the highest quality and is ready to install when you receive it.  

This allows you to replace your broken bumper or fender at your convenience allowing you to get your car back on the road within a limited time frame.  

We found our niche when bodyshops started charging $600-800 for a bumper replacement. We are able to get you the same part at a fraction of the cost! How you might ask? We are a specialized painting facility, operating out of a 20,000 sq ft facility, we have 5 paint booths we run day and night in order to pump out the highest quality parts on the. market.  We are a firm believer in low profit, high production.